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In 1990 I moved  to a ski village in the Swiss Alps called Zermatt because of my love for skiing, hiking and mountain biking.  I like to observe and capture moments in an unobtrusive way telling a story in pictures.

I started working as a photographer in 1991. My commissions include  weddings in Zermatt and the picturesque  alpine chapels in the  meadows around Zermatt.

Portraits for leading members of two of Arabia’s  most respected Royal families, over a period of seven years. I have worked for the Swiss Secretary Generals Office photographing World Leaders at the European Federation of Trade Association. This led to an interest in corporate events and the opportunity to take photos at  the Aviation and Environmental Summit for companies including Boeing, Airbus and I.A.T.A.

Living in Zermatt has given me opportunities to photograph world class properties which have been published in Tatler, the Financial Times, Town and Country, the Telegraph, Conde Nast Traveller  and Savills Alpine Living.

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